Water heater

At Queens Emergency Plumbing and Heating we are committed to providing you with the best possible solar water heating service.

Specification of the correct system for your home. Everybody has different needs and requirements. A Queens Emergency Plumbing and Heating solar hot water system will be matched to your personal situation. Please look in the products section of our website to find out more about system options.

Arranging the building consent for your installation. We work closely with your local council to ensure your solar water heater will meet all the US standards. This is currently a very tricky area with a lot of council staff still coming to terms with recent building code changes. We guarantee we can get compliance for your solar hot water installation. We know exactly what we are doing here!

Employing the trade professionals to install your system. We work closely with all our installers. A good relationship with these guys means you get a top quality installation.